The Raptors Are Hopeless

I don’t know about you, but I’m just about fed up with hoping that the Raptors are going to be a contending team.  Every season they end up being a bust, and I hear that they are going to be better NEXT season.  Brian Collangelo has been filling us with false hope with his experimental strategies for a while now and I’m really close to giving up on the Craptors.  I wouldn’t say that I’m a die hard fan of the Raptors, but I’ve supported the team for a long time and I watch games whenever I get the chance.

We had an amazing team some years back, when we were still being coached by Butch Carter, Lenny Wilkins or Isiah Thomas.  Of course back then we still had “Air Canada” Vince Carter.  Back when our team had Vince Carter, Morris Peterson, Alvin Williams and Antonio Davis, We really had a team to be proud of; a team you would be proud to call the Toronto Raptors.  Now, our team is fighting for last place in our division with the Washington Wizards.

Some how, Raptors management managed to get rid of all our good players and replace them with relative no namers.  The biggest Raptors slip up had to be when our rookie General Manager Rob Babcock, actually traded Vince Carter (our franchise player) for Aaron and Eric Williams, (who we dropped soon after) Alonzo Mourning, (who refused to play for our team and ended up retiring) and a 10th round draft pick that ended up being Joey Graham.  I dunno about you, but I think that might be the worst trade in NBA History.

Obviously, after that trade we needed to rebuild but I don’t like the direction we went in.  Instead of tweaking like most teams would do, we decide to go in a completely other direction and change our team to the European league.  I’ll admit it looked successful at first, we even made it to the playoffs; mainly with the help of Chris Bosh.  But look now, we’re seeded in the 20s with a point guard (Jose Calderon) that might be a masochist with the amount of injuries he gets.

I feel that we need to drop Collangelo and get a conservative thinking GM.  Our team really isn’t that bad, so its a real mystery why they’re doing worse than so many bad teams.  Maybe our coach Jay Treano is to blame? Well, I hope they can figure it out because we need to get something started again.


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